Working Together for Michigan

Posted by – Laurie Johnson, Economic Development Coordinator

Economic Development is all about partnerships.  In many ways it is like the working of your body, your brain cannot exist on its own.  It needs the blood running through it, which is transported through the veins, and so on, but to thrive; all parts must be in good working order.

At this time that is what the State of Michigan, along with the Counties, the local governments, the schools, the businesses, the non-profit organizations, and the people of Michigan have been coming together to do.  We are working together to bring Michigan back to a thriving State in good working order for business, for education, for living, and for making a living.

We started with collaboration of minds and spirit to shift the business climate and the way we used to do things to a more purposeful directive with all of us moving in the same direction.  The business tax has been revamped to be an easier, more friendly and fair system.  The schools, colleges, and universities are working hand in hand with business and government to form relationships and programs that will lead to a better qualified workforce for existing and future needs.

We are seeing more opportunities being created daily on our upward economic curve.  We are all being called on to be a part of this partnership to make a thriving State in good working order.   Working together for Michigan.