The Riverwalk: When Great Plans Become Reality

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

We have been busy behind the scenes preparing a preliminary plan for the first phase of improvements to Riverside Park.  The park is located at the corner of Squirrel and Auburn Roads in the Downtown.

The primary feature of the project will be an amphitheatre, designed with natural tiered seating, for concerts and events in the park.   Adding the amphitheatre has been a goal of the City for almost 15 years.  The first phase will also include a plaza, pedestrian connections to the Downtown, improvements to the riverbank and fishing dock, and water features.

The Planning Commission recently gave us the go ahead to prepare detailed drawings for public review, which is expected to occur in late March.  This exciting project is the first step in the implementation of the City’s award-winning Riverwalk Master Plan.  We anticipate that construction will begin in Spring 2013 subject to funding availability.

It is very rewarding to be part of a community that is focused and determined to do great things for its citizens.