Planning Ahead: An ‘Electrifying’ Concept

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

I will be traveling to NextEnergy in Detroit today to participate in the Plug-In Ready Michigan initiative.  The working group has been tasked with preparing the State for plug-in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid gas/electric vehicles.   Auburn Hills was selected by the Ann Arbor-based Clean Energy Coalition as a “Champion City” to help lead the effort.

As many may know, we have been at the forefront in raising awareness about the fueling needs of electric vehicle owners.   Auburn Hills was the first municipality in Michigan to adopt a comprehensive Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Ordinance.

Industry experts tell us that electric vehicles are not going to take over the market, but there’s going to be a sizable segment of motorists that will demand a convenient network of charging stations.  We are excited to play a part in helping Michigan plan for this new innovation in the auto industry.