The Auburn Hills Story

Posted by – Steve Cohen, Director of Community Development

Hello everyone,

My name is Steve Cohen and I am here to tell The Auburn Hills Story.  It is a pretty exciting assignment as you might imagine because it seems like the Auburn Hills’ story is an ever evolving plot.

I have worked here for many years and no one day has been the same.   There is always a different challenge to tackle or new adventure to start.   It is truly a great place to work.

It is my intent to keep folks informed of things from a different perspective.  I am not the first Auburn Hills’ blogger and I will not be the last, but that is OK.   Like all good tales, it is best that a story is told by different observers.   In addition to writing about the past, present, and future of Auburn Hills … you will learn a little bit about me.   I may wander into unrelated topics just for fun, just to make sure you are reading.

So, stay tuned!